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Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew it, My Life Had it Made

Rejoice! For you have the pleasure of bearing witness to MY glorious voice upon your next monarch, Theobald Tera Kaiser, in The Fruit of Evolution Season 2, episode 2!

I'm in My Hero Academia!

I dreamed of being Gambit in X-Men so hard I accidentally became a Cyclops. Happy to debut as a small hero role in My Hero Academia named X-Less!

Visual Demo Reel

Got a new compilation of my most notable anime roles to date! Check it out!

Prince of Tennis


I join ze cast of Prince of Tennis II U-17 World Tour as Edgar Delacroix!

Aces and Adventures Demo and Kickstarter

You can hear me as the Mysterious Merchant in the demo for Triple.B.Titles' Kickstarter game Aces and Adventures on Steam!

Trapped in a Dating Sim

I play a hot guy who hates hot guys in Trapped in a Dating Sim. Catch me as Dan in Episode 7.

New Role!

Catch me as Akinori Kaneda in Crunchyroll's English dub of Aoashi!

I'm in One Piece!

Happy to share that I play Charlotte Mont d'Or in the English dub of One Piece on Funimation!

New Role Announcement

I play Kenshin Blader/Kenji Sadamaki in the English dub of Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department! Check it out on Crunchyroll!

Role Reprisal

I returned as Irie in the English dub of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Sotsu. Check it out on Funimation!

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